Due to the busy lifestyle today, people have less time to invest in their health. MediSpa provide treatment that target aging, pigmentation, dullness, oily skin, acne, puffiness and other common grouses. The treatment promotes good health and beauty as we believe that true beauty comes from a healthy immune system.

How does it work?

MediSpa focuses on distressing inside-out through the use of result-based services that includes massage therapy, detox body treatments and aesthetic. These services are held in a pleasant environment, soothe daily stresses and refocus your body and mind. Being health-focused, our aesthetic services use ingredients that are as natural as possible. Our environment is personal and comfortable for men and women of all ages so that our customers receive the best quality treatment and experience.

Types of MediSpa

There are four medical facials that NeuGlow has launched recently to complement aesthetic treatments for the beauty-conscious individuals.

With core ingredients like Argireline and proprietary skin strengthening properties, Lift me Up! treatment is also enriched with amino acids, vitamins, Horsetail extract, protein collagen and elastin.
The facial treatment promotes a firmer, supple and healthier complexion as the skin matrix is significantly improved and strengthened resulting in a youthful and radiant look.


Who is suitable?
It is suitable for all skin types particularly those that want a pampering yet comprehensive facial as well as those that want similar Neuromodulator and/or Laser results without the discomfort of injection or laser.


Complementary treatments:
Skin Rejuvenation (IPL/Laser/RF)
Radio Frequency

Sans the oiliness!

​Tackle these problems with Stay Matte!


Stay Matte! is able to calm acne and oily skin while effectively regulating overactive sebaceous glands
with its core ingredients like charcoal, algae extract and proprietary ingredients. Oil control and breakouts are maintained with the constant feed of hydration and purification. Additionally, your make-up last longer with a matte yet supple look.


Who is suitable?
The treatment is suitable for those who are concerned with oily, acne and congested skin.


Complementary treatment:
Fractional Laser Resurfacing

Individuals perceived to be youthful looking, are thought to be more successful in work and in life. Stop the Time – Do not let the lines stop you.


Stop the Clock is a preventive treatment that exerts a powerful effect on cellular renewal to stimulate skin metabolism giving skin the elasticity and flexibility. It contains Green Tea, an antioxidant ingredient. Dull, loose, damaged skin often caused by free radicals and oxidation is enhanced over time with each treatment.


Indicated for:
Mature skin
Dull and flaccid skin

Complementary treatments: Ulthera

Skin Rejuvenation (IPL/Laser/RF)
Vitamin C-Cell Rejuvenation

With the combination of 10% glycolic acid and silicone, Re:NEU ME helps to eliminate dull and uneven tone often caused by overproduction of melanin and damaging sun-rays. The light peeling action helps to activate skin regeneration and removal of impurities to achieve brighter and fairer complexion.


Blended with multi-peptide properties and marine extracts, degeneration of collagen is being slowed down and skin is being renewed, giving it a supple glow. Enriched with the goodness of poppy and kiwi (the fruit rich in vitamin C), it plays an essential role in collagen synthesis which produces elasticity, firmness as well as skin fairness.


Who is suitable?
It is suitable for dull and uneven skin tone as well as those who want to achieve a fairer complexion and/or to lighten scars or marks.


Complementary treatments:
​Skin Rejuvenation (IPL/Laser/RF)
Vitamin C-Cell Rejuvenation

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