What is Radio Frequency (RF ) ?

Radio frequency (RF) is the latest technology that targets the face and body areas that needs rejuvenation.
RF treatment uses tripolar and bipolar radio frequency modalities to heat subcutaneous dermal tissue with the use a
hand piece emitting RF waves. This will contract existing collagen fibers, encourage fibroblast migration and promote
new collagen growth improving the outer architecture of the skin.

You will be able to see the lifting effect and feel your skin become tighter, smoother and more elastic. There is no
downtime besides the treatment duration. The whole procedure takes about 20-70 minutes with minimal discomfort
and you will be able to continue your normal routine after.


How Does Radio Frequency work?
The special characteristics of Radio Frequency result in:

– Relaxation of the appropriate facial & body skin muscles
– Dilating small blood vessels under the skin to improve blood circulation
– Facilitating the absorption of Growth Factor treatment Creams into the skin
– Dilating the lymphatic vessels & increasing toxin clearance (an anti-aging effect)
– Increasing the deep skin temperature to stimulate collagen & elastic tissues


What can Radio Frequency do for me?

The radio frequency face lift restores youthfulness by reversing the signs of ageing and gravity.

– Enhances the skin’s texture
– Rejuvenates deep skin tissues to restore the bight, youthful shine of clear skin
– Tightens the deep collagen & elastic fibers to create an up-lifting effect on facial skin
– Relaxes tightened facial muscles to ease wrinkle lines
– Improves deep blood circulation to give skin the unmistakable Glow
– Contouring face & body by restoring the natural deep skin fibers
– Improves dark circles
– Reduce cellulite & stretch marks

– High frequency and long wavelength alternating current is used to deliver its effects
– Efficiency – RF waves penetrate very deeply into the layers of the skin & increase temperature to
42ºc, which is the ideal temperature for skin rejuvenatio
– Safety – NeuGlow’s team of professional doctors & nurses will ensure the temperature does not
exceed 42ºc. Beyond 42ºc cause permanent protein damage which creates cavities in the skin tissues.

Should I be worried about any side effects?

– RF waves is very gentle
– Treatment is painless
– No down-time at all
– You can resume your normal activities after treatment

How many treatments are required and how long are they?

A course of between 6 to 10 treatments is recommended (depending on the treated areas and
your skin reaction to the treatment) for the most beneficial results. After completing the initial course
of treatment, we recommend that you return for a maintenance treatment approximately every 6 months
to maintain the results.

When will I see the effects?

There will be a noticeable difference in your skin after the first treatment. However, the improvement becomes
more obvious with every treatment. It is an accumulative result, the more treatment you do, the better it become.
The result will normally be more drastic around the 4th treatment.