Dr Donna Chow

MBBS (Singapore)

GDFM (Singapore)

Postgraduate Diploma in Practical Dermatology (Cardiff)

Dr Donna Chow graduated from the National University of Singapore with a degree in medicine (MBBS) and subsequently obtained the Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine (GDFM). Even as an undergraduate, she developed a keen interest in the field of cosmetic dermatology which saw her explore and carry out research on various types of creams purporting to have whitening and anti-ageing properties. This eventually led her to embark on a Diploma in Practical Dermatology with Cardiff University, a programme which she successfully completed and was awarded a distinction for exemplary performance.

With extensive training in pimples and pigmentation, Dr Chow has delivered excellent results using a combination of both topical and light treatment with minimal reliance on oral medication. She has also been awarded certificates of competence in the administering of botox, fillers, chemical peels, lasers and IPL by the Aesthetics Practice Oversight Committee under the Singapore Medical Council. To keep abreast with the latest developments and improvements in the field of aesthetics, Dr Chow participates in various aesthetic conferences and workshops on a regular basis.

To Dr Chow, the fundamental purpose of aesthetic medicine is really about making one feel more confident through the enhancement of a person’s appearance with minimally invasive treatments. She is a firm believer in individualising each patient’s treatments and always endeavours to recommend treatments which have proven to be effective and relevant to the patient. Her amicable and personable character makes her instantly approachable to patients of all ages and from all walks of life.

In her free time, Dr Chow enjoys spending time with her pet dog. She also has a keen eye for art and is always interested in experimenting with painting, fashion design and generic handicraft. Her other passions are in travel and photography and she is currently a member of the Photographic Society of Singapore.

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